Inquiry Based Learning - JOBS

Inquiry Based Learning - JOBS

日期: 25/03/2024

Our P2 students put aside the textbooks and step out of the classroom to use their naturally inquiring minds to learn about jobs. We enable our students to learn about jobs through fun activities including a visit to a local fire station.
DAY 1 – SCAVENGER HUNT. Our P2 students take part in a scavenger hunt in groups. First they need to solve a clue to find a room in the school. When they get to the room they need to solve another clue to find the correct job and draw the place where that person works. They then get the next clue for the next room and so on. We tell the students about their visit to the fire station that they will be going on the next day and ask them to draw something they think they will see there. Finally, students are asked to think of a question that they will ask at the fire station.
DAY 2 – FIRE STATION VISIT. First our students are asked to design and build a creative tool that would help someone with their specific job. For example, a jet pack for a police man or a flying fire engine for a fireman. Students then went to the local fire station for their field trip.
DAY 3 – THE INTERVIEW DAY. Our students first learnt, and then practiced, how to interview someone. They then went and did the interview with different people who work at our school – including our principal Mr. Lo! Using Chatterpix our students then repeated what they had learnt about that person from their interview.
DAY 4 – THE CATWALK. Our students bravely took to the catwalk dressed as their dream job. At the end of the catwalk our students told us what job they are dressed as, where they work and what their job entails.
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