1. To stimulate pupils' maximum degree of interest in learning English

  2. To pave the way for independent and lifelong learning and effective communication of knowledge , ideas, attitudes and experience

  3. To foster positive attitudes towards different cultures and values


KS1 : Learn to Play and Play to Learn Approach

In the English curriculum of KS1, the school uses storybooks to develop students' listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking skills. The NETs create an English environment inside and outside the classroom, carry out different English activities, and use different teaching methods to motivate students to participate. The course content combines learning and life, providing students with a variety of interactive learning opportunities, creating meaningful learning situations, properly connecting students' life experiences, arousing students' active learning, and effectively taking care of students' learning motivation, interests and abilities.


KS2 : School-based "Reading to Writing" Curriculum

Cooperate with the Primary School-based Curriculum Development Section of the Education Bureau to develop and optimize the English school-based curriculum for senior primary schools. Through contextual language teaching, reading and writing combined activities, students' English ability, reading ability, writing ability and higher-order thinking ability are cultivated. With professional knowledge and reflective ability, teachers have produced school-based English learning booklet for KS2. At the same time, the school promotes e-learning to enhance the fun of the classroom, and students are willing to participate in classroom group activities to enhance students' learning motivation. For example, using Minecraft to learn the theme of environmental protection, students not only have fun learning, but also can have immediate feedback and sharing, so as to achieve live learning and use, and improve the efficiency of teaching and learning.


School-based self-directed learning curriculum

The school uses BYOD to enhance students' interest in learning English, and uses different teaching apps to allow students to learn on their own, such as learning new words with Quizlet, uploading video clips with Padlet, introducing and sharing their personal hobbies, and reading the designated articles for each lesson with Edpuzzle. Complete the exercises, learn English grammar with Kahoot, Wordwall, Quizizz and do consolidation exercises, and do group writing activities with Popplet, Google slide, Google Form, Seesaw to enhance the learning effect.


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